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Nature & Plants Fabric Category Description:

The woods are lovely, dark and deep

Forests and woods seem to be an endless source of inspiration to writers, especially poets. To some the forest holds many terrors, such as Dante’s traveler found when he awoke in a “selva oscura”, a dark wood, from which point he embarked on his epic journey through Hell. However, to others, such as Robert Frost- the poet quoted at the beginning- the forest is a familiar, only occasionally menacing, place.

Furthermore, when you browse J & O’s section of Nature and Plants quilting fabrics, you’ll find that the forest can become your muse as well.

You might be inspired to create bed sheets, blankets or curtains with these designer fabrics. Perhaps you’ll see fit to make garments and accessories. If you are a quilter, these fabrics could be used to make a fine quilt. Since our nature-themed discount fabrics are so versatile, they can be used for virtually any craft project you have in mind.

What does the forest bring to your mind? With J & O Fabrics' selection of discount novelty fabrics, it will make you think of all the wonderful projects you can begin or of how you can enhance your projects that are already in progress. Then, you might also agree that “the woods are lovely, dark and deep”.

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