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Sea Life Fabric Category Description:

Every family has a dark story to tell about “THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY”. These stories are heirlooms, haunting generation after generation. At each family gathering, the eldest male is brought out to pronounce in tones of hushed reverence an epic chronicle of his ancestors' battles with guileful fish which refused to be caught. The details of these stories may vary slightly from family to family but the results are always the same: a lone, shattered fisherman, bereft of lure, left only with lore and a scarred memory, the identity of his family branded for eternity by his encounter with…the one that got away”.

Perhaps it is the case that you’d like to replace the fish tales of your ancestors with a gentler folklore. If this is the case, then J & O Fabrics is where you must begin.

Here you can capture vivid fabrics that will fill your lungs with the smell of the sea. New stories can take shape when chronicled on a quilt using our fabric. Of course garments and accessories would also make fine compliments to anyone who loves the ocean.

With the assistance of J & O and our selection of ocean-themed fabrics, nevermore will anyone have to fear encountering “The one that got away”.

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