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Textured Faux Leather Category Description:

Reliability and style aren’t two qualities usually associated with one another. Nevertheless, with Textured Faux Leather you get the best of both worlds; a decorator fabric that is both stylish and reliable.

An ostrich-like texture and soft hand define the Textured Faux Leather feel. And while it is stain resistant, that won’t lessen its decorative versatility. So, do your furniture a favor and treat it to some Textured Faux Leather. Plus, you get the bonus of knowing that no animal was harmed in the production of this fabric.

Our Textured Faux Leathers are virtually indistinguishable from genuine leather in look and feel. Also, the variety of colors available will allow you to coordinate exactly how you want to. Our Textured Faux Leathers will assist you in decorating to your taste without compromise.

Our Textured Faux Leather is a fantastic fabric for car or home upholstery. Textured Faux Leather can be used to make seat cushions, decorative pillows and other items for your home decor. Decorate the way you want to with this exclusive fabric.

For the truly adventurous, Textured Faux Leather can be incorporated into your dress fashion. Jackets, handbags, carrying bags and other items are perfect displays for this designer vinyl.

Textured Faux Leather is manufactured from 100% polyurethane with a 75% polyester and 25% cotton backing. This durable fabric can has been tested to withstand 100,000 double rubs.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Textured Faux Leather Fabrics

Textured Faux Leather is not impervious to harm. Some of the factors which most affect faux leather are thermal heat, ultraviolet radiation, abrasion and the solvents found in some cleaning products. Heat can cause grime to bake into the surface of your faux leather fabrics, while ultraviolet radiation will cause them to fade and crack.

First of all, there are certain cleaning products which are best avoided: household cleaners, abrasives, steel wool, industrial cleaners, dry cleaning fluids, petroleum distillates, waxes, silicone oils, undiluted bleach or detergents.

Storing Your Textured Faux Leather Fabrics

If you are going to store your Textured Faux Leather fabrics for any period of time, be sure to clean them first to prevent dust, soil and stains from attracting critters. Furthermore, avoid storing your faux leather fabrics in attics, basements and other places that tend to be vulnerable to mold, mildew and insects and other threats. The best storage location is a cool, dry room. If using a closet, make sure there is sufficient air circulation to prevent mold growth. Always store your Textured Faux Leather fabrics out of direct sunlight.

Always store your Textured Faux Leather fabrics rolled, not folded, in order to prevent permanent and unsightly creasing.

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