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Coat Linings Category Description:

On cold winter days, when the wind is furiously howling, it can seem that nothing can keep you warm enough. Nevertheless, it is in just those conditions that our Coat Linings excel. These lining fabrics are designed to keep you warm even in the most inclement weather, regardless of wind and snow.

Among our coat lining fabrics are the Sunback linings; these are heavier than usual lining fabrics that provides extra warmth and weight for coats and heavy jackets. The Sunback linings are rayon blend fabrics with a satin face and flannel back. The combination of these two surfaces ensures that even the most persistent wind doesn't chill you. Sunback Linings are the ideal additions to your cold weather wear. Stay comfortable all autumn and winter long with the fabrics in our Coat Lining Category.

Caring for Your Coat Lining Fabrics

The coat lining fabrics in this category can be dry cleaned.

Storing Your Coat Lining Fabrics

When you need to store your coat lining fabrics, we recommend using a place out of direct sunlight with good air circulation. Areas that are less susceptible to mold, mildew and insects are obviously ideal.

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