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Imperial Netted Single Tieback: 10" Category Description:
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Choosing the right jewelry and accessories can make or break an outfit. Similarly, choosing the right trim can enhance your home decor or detract from it.

Nevertheless, the trim possibilities can seem bewildering at times as you'll find a selection that includes gimp, fringe, tassels and cord.

An intriguing possibility is the Imperial Netted Single Tieback: 10". This decorative accoutrement has a spread of 30 1/2" and a cord diameter of 3/8". The incredible elegance and beauty of this tieback tassel will ensure that it becomes an important part of your projects, just as the right necklace can provide the quietus of your outfit.

The Imperial Netted Single Tieback: 10" is part of our Deco-Pro Imperial II Collection. It can be used to highlight certain design elements in a room and to give it depth. These tieback tassels are also an excellent choice for accenting window treatments, table cloths, table skirts, decorative pillows, bedding, lampshades and even area rugs.

Caring for Your Imperial Netted Single Tieback: 10"

In general, trims are delicate; to get the most out of your Imperial Netted Single Tieback: 10" fabric here are a few tips:

For regular maintenance, we recommend that you lightly brush your Imperial Netted Single Tieback: 10" fabrics weekly to guard against the accumulation of dust and soil and to prevent dirt from becoming embedded between the fibers.

Dyes, corrosives, acids, paints, inks, nail polish and chemical-based removers should not be used in the vicinity of your accent tiebacks, trims or any upholstery fabric.

Storing Your Imperial Netted Single Tieback: 10"

As always, we recommend a place out of direct sunlight with good air circulation. Areas that are less susceptible to mold, mildew and insects are obviously ideal.

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