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Textured Vinyl Category Description:
While many vinyl fabrics are colorful the smooth surface may leave you a little unimpressed. For vinyl fabrics that combine wonderful color with appealing texture, look no further than our Textured Vinyl category. Here you will find sumptuous and rich looking vinyl fabrics as well as heavy duty textured vinyls for the meanest jobs.

The backings of our textured vinyl fabrics vary, some have an expanded backing while others are felt backed. More information is given with each product. Keep in mind that the felt backed vinyls are not appropriate for outdoor use, while the expanded back vinyls can be used for outdoor upholstery.

The textured surface of our Textured Vinyl fabrics lend them an inviting appearance that is wonderful for many fabric projects. The textures of these fabrics vary, some being similar to animal skins, while others have a more industrial texture. The animal textured vinyls are reminiscent in particular of reptile skins with the added pleasure of knowing that no animals were harmed in the production of these synthetic fabrics.

Uses for Textured Vinyl
Our vinyl fabrics are great for boat cushions, car interiors, RV interiors, offices and patio furniture. Some of our more colorful vinyl fabrics are great for adding a retro dimension to home decor and automotive upholstery. The textured surface of the vinyls also makes them a bit more comfortable for these applications.

Our textured vinyl fabrics can also be used for upholstery in conference rooms, home offices, lounge seats, spas and massage tables.

Tips for Textured Vinyl
It is a good idea to allow vinyl fabric to air out before using them. It can be harmful to vinyl fabrics to store them with moth repellants or to place them on lacquered surfaces, as they may stick. Our textured vinyl fabrics can withstand moderate heat.

Caring for Textured Vinyl
Textured vinyl is easy to maintain in good condition. It can easily be cleaned with soap and water. For tougher stains a mild detergent with water should do. Please be aware that some household cleaners and solvents remove plasticizers from vinyl, making them brittle. Abrasive cleaners scratch the smooth surface.

Storing Textured Vinyl

If you are going to store your textured vinyl fabrics for any period of time, be sure to clean them first to prevent dust, soil and stains from attracting critters. Furthermore, avoid storing your textured vinyl fabrics in attics, basements and other places that tend to be vulnerable to mold, mildew and insects and other threats. The best storage location is a cool, dry room. If using a closet, make sure there is sufficient air circulation to prevent mold growth. Always store your textured vinyl fabrics out of direct sunlight.

Always store your textured vinyl fabrics rolled, not folded, in order to prevent permanent and unsightly creasing.

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