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Retro Outdoor Fabric Category Description:

Mod geometric prints will up the voltage of your patio furniture! These awesome designer fabrics protect your outdoor furniture and look good at the same time. The largest selection of designer outdoor fabrics at discount prices is at J & O!

Formerly available only in solid colors, outdoor fabrics have since developed into a category with a wide variety of styles and prints. This section is filled with retro outdoor upholstery fabrics with amazing designs.

These fabrics are made to withstand the rigors of outdoor life. However, to preserve their beauty it is recommendable to store them during the winter months.

Besides their outdoor use, they can also be used indoors for upholstering furniture or for making placemats for a dining room or kitchen table.

Be sure to continually check our Retro Outdoor Fabric section to see all the latest additions to this constantly growing category.

In order for your retro outdoor fabrics to remain in the best condition possible, here are a few care suggestions you can follow:

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Retro Outdoor Upholstery Fabrics

Out of all fabrics, outdoor upholstery fabrics are the easiest to clean. Stains can usually be spot cleaned by using a non-abrasive sponge with mild soap and warm water. Do not use bleach on acrylic or polyester printed outdoor fabrics as it will cause the pattern to fade. Our retro outdoor fabrics can then be left to air dry, as they do so very quickly.

Cushions made from J&O's retro outdoor upholstery fabrics should be removed from exposure to direct sunlight and the elements when not in use, particularly during the winter. When this is done, our retro outdoor upholstery fabrics should last for years without fading. Nevertheless, even the outdoor fabrics with the strongest dyes will fade over time. Keep in mind that outdoor fabrics, even if used in sunrooms or on covered porches, are subject to fading.

To prevent your retro outdoor upholstery fabrics from becoming unevenly worn or faded we recommend that you turn the cushions regularly. Acrylic fabrics are fade-resistant and should last for several years without significant fading. Prints of 100% spun polyester are not quite as fade resistant, but should provide adequate wear. The color retention of our retro outdoor upholstery fabrics also depends on where they are used.

If you live in a wet region or are going to leave your retro outdoor upholstery fabrics outside for long, you can make use of a fast draining marine foam for comfort. Outdoor fabrics are water repellant, not waterproof.

Storing Retro Outdoor Upholstery Fabrics

Before storing your upholstered outdoor furniture or outdoor upholstery fabric we recommend that you thoroughly clean the fabrics with the above mentioned methods; this will prevent the accumulation of dust, soil and stains from attracting mildew and insects. Avoid storing your outdoor upholstery fabrics in places that are vulnerable to mold, mildew and insects. The best location is a cool, dry room with good air circulation and protection from direct sunlight.

If possible, store your retro outdoor upholstery fabrics rolled rather than folded to prevent difficult creases from forming.

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