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SALE FABRICS Category Description:
If there's one thing that sewing enthusiasts love just as much as finding great fabrics, it is finding great fabrics for less. Nevertheless, the bargain hunter often has a limited amount of boring fabrics to choose from. With J&O, however, you get a wide selection fo sale fabrics with expressive designs.

J&O's Sale Fabrics section is filled with wonderful decorative fabrics that are perfect for anywhere in your home; kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms can all benefit from these fabrics. Get to know our selection of sale fabrics for yourself. These decorator fabrics are usually 50-70% off retail price. Check this section out regularly and you will find some great decorative fabric bargins!

Uses for Sale Fabrics
Our Sale Fabrics section is filled with versatile textiles for home use. Curtains, window treatments, slipcovers, table covers, bedspreads and decorative pillows can all be made from these sale fabrics. The more adventurous can use these fabrics for carrying bags, purses and other fashion accessories.

Caring for Your Sale Fabrics
Since the fabrics in this section are meant for decorative uses they have been treated with a variety of stain repellants. Thus these fabrics are dry clean only, as machine washing them will remove the stain repellants.

In Case of Stains
It is best to treat stains immediately to prevent them from settling in. This can be done by blotting the stain with a clean white cloth. Do not rub the fabric as doing so wears away the repellant finish. Stubborn stains will require dry cleaning.

Remove any stains before pressing the fabric as the stains may set with the heat from the iron.

Storing Your Sale Fabrics
Before storing your fabrics for an extended period of time it is important to have them properly laundered to prevent dust, soil and stains from attracting critters. Furthermore, avoid storing your decorator fabrics in attics or basements; these places tend to be vulnerable to mold, mildew, insects and other threats. The best location in your home for decorative fabric storage is a cool, dry room. If using a closet, make sure there is sufficient air circulation to prevent mold growth. Always store your fabrics out of direct sunlight.

Your discount decorative fabrics can be stored in bags of linen, cotton or muslin. Do not use plastic bags, cedar chests or cardboard boxes for storage. Fumes from polyurethane foam, cedar closets and acids in unvarnished wood and cardboard can damage your decorator fabrics. Acid free tissue paper can also be employed in the storage of your decorative fabrics.