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Breast Cancer Fabric Category Description:
The fabrics in this section serve as a tribute to and a reminder of an important cause: finding a cure for breast cancer. The various fabrics in this category highlight essential ingredients and maxims in the fight against breast cancer: reach, love, overcome, live, live, learn, believe, pray for a cure, survive, cope, help with hope, sisterhood, lend a helping hand, care for others, love the world, find a way, reach for love and hope, be generous, keep the faith and others.

Our breast cancer fabrics can be used to make items to show solidarity with those waging the fight against breast cancer.

Care Instructions for Our Breast Cancer Fabrics
These 100% cotton fabrics can be machine washed without bleach. They can be tumble dried on low. Use a warm iron if necessary.

Storing Breast Cancer Fabrics
Before storing your cotton fabrics for an extended period of time it is important to have them properly laundered to prevent dust, soil and stains from attracting critters. Furthermore, avoid storing your fabrics in attics or basements; these places tend to be vulnerable to mold, mildew, insects and other threats. The best location in your home for storage is a cool, dry room out of direct sunlight. If using a closet, make sure there is sufficient air circulation to prevent mold growth.

Your 100% cotton fabrics can be stored in bags of linen, cotton or muslin. Do not use plastic bags, cedar chests or cardboard boxes for storage. Fumes from polyurethane foam, cedar closets and acids in unvarnished wood and cardboard can damage your fabrics. Acid free tissue paper can also be employed in the storage of your fabrics.

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