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Camouflage Fabric

Our discount camouflage fabric is excellent for hunters, hikers, campers and sportsmen and women. Camouflage is also a perfect decorative fabric to make draperies, pillow covers, bedding, garments and more.

History of Camouflage Patterns:
The first mass produced military camouflage material was the Italian mimetic cloth pattern of 1929. This mass production camouflage fabric became more common for individual soldiers during World War II.
From the 1960's on camouflage has also been seen from an aesthetic angle. Many artists were inspired by the concept of camouflage and its myriad designs; therefore, they started to incorporate camouflage patterns into their artwork. Andy Warhol, in particular, was known for his Camouflage series of 1986.
Camouflage has even had an effect on the rarefied world of ""haute couture"". Many of the great designers and design houses -such as Gucci and Versace, among others- have incorporated camouflage patterns into their collections.
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Army Digital Camouflage Blend
Army Digital Camouflage Blend
Product ID: nyl34679
Yards Available: 1 1/2
$1.99 per yard
Order Swatch - $2.00
Hunter's Camouflage Basket-Weave Knit
Hunter's Camouflage Basket-Weave Knit
Product ID: cam00026
Yards Available: 24 5/8
Compare at: $11.00
$6.98 per yard
Order Swatch - $2.00
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