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History of J&O Fabric
A New Jersey family business spanning three generations


Morris and Manya Jukel opened J & O Fabrics Center in Pennsauken, NJ in 1962. Manya was a woman of the 21st century who proved she could establish herself within a male dominated business world. Manya created this business with the loving support of her husband, Morris, who saw her as a woman destined for success.

Morris and Manya were soon joined in J & O Fabrics by their son-in-law, Stan. He seamlessly blends the traditional family business values together with those need for a fast paced, growing, global business. Today, the family fabric traditions continue under the management of Stan and his son, Ryan.

J & O Fabrics now has a state of the art website, jandofabrics.com, which has increased our share of the retail fabric market. Going online has expanded our presence from a local to an international level. The online version of our New Jersey-based fabric store at jandofabrics.com has become one of the most shopped fabrics sites on the web, not just because of the quality and variety of fabrics we sell, but also because of the care we take with each and every customer.


About our Inventory

Don't think that what you see on-line is where the selection ends, J & O Fabrics Center is the size of a supermarket......we can't post everything! AS one of the largest fabric stores in New Jersey, we have a huge inventory of fabric in our store, so if there is a fabric that you are looking for, just email us with your request.