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Welcome to the J&O Suggestion Box
There is a saying that goes
" If it ain' t broke, don't fix it."
And while that quote holds true for many, we at J&O are always looking for ways we can improve our site to make it more user friendly for our valued customers no matter how satisfactory it is.

Hence our suggestion box.....
This is the place where you are free to let us know anything and everything you like and dislike about our site. From how your overall experience was and what you would like to change, to any difficulties you ran into when ordering and whether you would refer us to your family or friends. Even if you just want to say "Hi!" it's okay. We welcome your input. In fact, we encourage it.
Just email us at [email protected] or call us at 856.663.2121 with your questions, concerns, thoughts or ideas.

"It's the squeaky wheel that gets oiled."
So squeak away!
We can't guarantee perfection, but we sure can try!