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Alexander Henry Fabric
Smart, fun and distinctive quilting fabrics with an immediate appeal. One of the most striking aspects of Alexander Henry's fabrics is how different they are from anything else on the market. While there is no paucity of fabric companies to choose from, so many of their prints seem cut from the same cloth (no pun intended). With Alexander Henry, however, each print seems like the product of a separate design process. All the while these prints retain an unequivocal Alexander Henry style.

$1.99/Yard Clearance Fabric

Welcome to our $1.99 yard clearance area. Check back here often because we are always adding new items to clear out inventory and make room for new fabrics, trims, etc
Great Fabrics at an unbelievable price! Get them w...

4th of July

Fourth of July Fabric
A great way to show your patriotism and pride.

70s Mod/Retro Fabric

Retro Fabrics
In the mood for a retro look?

African Fabrics

African Fabric
Our African fabrics have a great sense of beauty a...

Animal Fabric

Animal Fabrics
100% Cotton Animal Prints & Patterns

Animal Prints Decorative Fabric

Animal Print Decorative Fabric
Animal themed decorative prints and patterns

Baseball Fabric

Baseball Fabric
Fabrics inspired by the great American pastime

Bird Fabric

Bird Fabrics
Birds are present in all the arts: from literature...

Calico Fabric

Calico Cotton Quilting Fabric
Calicos are a quilters' delight...

Camouflage Fabric

Camouflage Fabric
From the urban jungle to the densest woods...

Casino Fabric

Casino Fabric
From Atlantic City to Las Vegas

Cat Fabric

Cat Fabric
We have a fabric for each of your cat’s nine lives!

Children's Cotton Fabric

Children's Prints & Patterns
A full array of colorful fabrics to stimulate your...

Christmas Fabric

Christmas Fabric
Ho Ho Ho...Santa can fill your stocking with many ...

Comic Strip/Movie Fabric

Comic Strip Fabric
Enlist the help of the greatest heroes for your ne...

Contemporary Fabric

Contemporary Decorative Fabric
With these fabrics, any project becomes a canvas f...

Cowboy & Cowgirl Fabric

Cowboy & Cowgirl Fabric
Giddy-up to this group of Wild West fabrics!

Disney, Care bears & More Character Fabric

Disney Fabric
Bring all of the timeless Disney characters into y...

Dog Fabric

Dog Fabric
Show off your canine devotion with our dog fabrics!

Dots Fabric

Polka Dots Fabric
Turn your fabric projects into canvases for your i...

Egyptian Fabric

Egyptian Fabric
Import the most exotically themed Egyptian fabrics

Fire Truck Fabric

Fire Truck Fabric
When your fabric projects get out of control, call...

Flame Fabric

Fabric with Flames
Turn up the heat on your fabric projects!

Floral Fabric

Flower Print Decorative
These fabrics are ideal for projects in any room

Food and Dessert Fabric

Food n Dessert Fabric
Satisfy your sweet-tooth without starving your wal...

Frogs, Bugs & Insects Fabric

Insects, Bug, Frog
The possibilities for these fabrics are dictated o...

Halloween Fabric

Halloween Fabric
From Frankenstein to Dracula

Horse Fabric

Horse Themed Cotton Fabric
Reminders of the great beauty of horses and the pa...

Jewish Fabric

Jewish Fabric
Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel we made it out of clay.

Lighthouses & Beach Fabric

Lighthouse, Ocean fabric
Enjoy the great history of these maritime sentinels

Linen Decorative Fabric

Linen Fabric
Linen can be used for decorative and practical ite...

Maps & World Travel Fabric

Map & Travel Fabric
Get your bearings with these World Travel and Map ...

Mardi Gras Fabric

Mardi Gras Holiday Fabric
Fat Tuesday here we come...

Men's Stuff

Man Fabric
All the things men love...

Music Fabric

Musical Fabric
Fabric for when you play air guitar or conduct ima...

Mystical Wizards & Magic Fabric

Wizard Fabric
With J & O you can avoid the "double, double, toil...

Nascar & Racing Car Fabric

Nascar Fabric
For the race car fan...

Nature & Plants Fabric

Nature, Plant, Tree Fabric
With these fabrics nature will be your muse

Novelty Decorative Fabric

Novelty Decorative Fabric
Add come spontaneity to your home décor!

Novelty Flannel Fabric

Novelty Flannel Material
A soft, twilled, cotton worsted fabric with a loos...

Oriental Decorative Fabrics

Oriental Decorative Fabrics
Imagine the elegant simplicity of haiku... on your...

Oriental Fabric

Oriental Fabric
Bring the Orient into your home

Outer Space Fabric

Outer Space Fabric
Space-themed fabrics to accompany your intergalact...

Party Fabric

Party Fabric
It is Celebration

Pirate Fabric

Pirates Fabric
Incredible selection that you will want to hold on...

Religious Fabric

Religious Fabric
A simple selection of Angels, Crosses, Mary...

Religious Holiday Fabric

Religious Fabric
From crosses to bibles

Retro Decorative Fabric

Retro Decorative Fabrics
These fabrics look and feel vintage, plus you can ...

Sea Life Fabric

Dolphin, Whale, fish Fabric
Never again fear "The one that got away"!

Sewing, Hobbies & Crafts Fabric

Craft and Hobby Fabric
Make fabulous and unique pieces for your collection!

Skull Fabric

Skull and Cross Bones Fabric
Explore your dark side with skull and crossbone fa...

Southwestern Fabric

Southwestern Fabric
With our Southwestern prints, you’ll always be the...

Sports Fabric

All Sport Fabric
For the weekend warrior or the sports aficionado!

St. Patrick's Day Fabric

St Patricks Day Fabric
Luck of the Irish is wrapped up into these fabrics...

Thanksgiving Fabric

Thanksgiving Fabrics
Prints suitable for a feast.

Transportation: Car, Airplane, Train Fabric

Transportation Fabric
Let your imagination stretch as endlessly as the h...

Tropical Fabric

Tropical Fabrics
Defrost your mind with some warm tropical fabric

USA Fabric

USA Fabric
Wide variety of Flags, Eagles, Stars & Stripes

Valentine's Day Fabric

Valentines Day Fabric
Love is in the air....

Vintage and Pin Up Girls/Guys

Pin Up Girls & Guys fabric
From Glamorous Women to Hunky men.

Vintage Fabric

Vintage Fabric

Wine & Spirits Fabric

Wine & Spirit Fabric
Time to stock the bar!

Women's Accessories Fabric

Woman Fabric
Everything but the kitchen sink